Monday, November 3, 2008

Sheena from ANTM Busts Bad on Fake Myspace Impersonators

Oooh girl! Do not mess with Sheena from America's Next Top Model because she will call you out while ripping you three new ones. Evidently, Sheena found out that someone was impersonating her on myspace, so she decided to make a you tube video clarifying that this other girl was a liar, liar pants on fire. In the video, she points out all the falsities being claimed on the page ("I am NOT a Taurus, I am a Scorpio, baby!") all while insulting the girl's taste in...well, pretty much everything. All I have to say is this fake Sheena better be hella glad the Real One was too busy to take the nearest train to wherever she is from, bust her door down, take off her hoops and rings and beat that girl like a redneck fighting for the last Toby Keith album. Something tells me Real Sheena is an expert at beating a bitch down.


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