Friday, November 7, 2008

Sid and Nancy Whisper Shitty Somethings Into Each Other's Ear Canals

Nancy Spungen let Sid Vicious accompany her bony ass to last's nights premiere of her new crappy rockopera "Repo". Now, as usual I am not sure exactly what is being said here, but I can guess it is something like this:
"Sid! I didn't tell you where I was going to be! How did you find me?"
"I followed the trail of empty Valtrex bottles and weed. And also I could smell your snatch from recording studio. You know, the smell of semen and used tampon."
"Well now that you're here I guess you can pose with me. Just try not to get any of your poor person smell on me. Cheap bitch. I looked at your bank records. I know you only make $15 mil a year. That won't even buy 20 pairs of custom Choo shoes for my clown sized feets."

"Suck it up bitch. We all know I'm the one doing you a favor. You couldn't get Hazmat to come with 100 yards of you to declare your stank vag a public health hazard."
"yeah well, you don't even know the abbreviation for the state you grew up in. Even I know mine. CALI. That's right. I'm smart. I passed the 10th grade."
"Yeah well I graduated from the prestigious La Plata High School. We had to pass a metal detector on our way into class. That means I'm gangsta. West Coast for life."
"Don't you mean East Coast?"
"Wait...hold on..."
Pap: "Smile for the Camera!"


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