Saturday, November 15, 2008

So Many STDs, So Little Clothing

What in the whore is going on here? And why are these bitches famous? Not only is this whole business offensive to my corneas, it's offensive to me as an American. When people think of our country, the first things that come to mind should be apple pie and freedom-not stank ass moldy vaginas and dumb hos with IQs in the negative that got famous for blowing a dude on camera or staging fake catfights over Juicy Couture sundresses. Why are people taking their picture when they could go to Sunset Blvd and shoot a daytime hooker with more charm, elegance and class? Imean, if the paps are going to take a picture of any Kardashian, it damn sure better be Khloezilla. Ugh. This is definetly one of those "make me ashamed to have a uterus" moments.


Johnny Cakes said...

OMG, I mean OMFG! (I just wanted to use those fun acronyms, because it says, I'm in with the In-crowd.') But for realzies, I felt so...awesomerfific about myself when it dawned on me that I only know who ONE of these Ho-cakes is? OMFG, reading books is doing SO much for my social life!!

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