Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tara Reid is Israel's Problem Now

Photobucket No, that's not right either. Professional drunk slut? Yes, that's right! Professional drunk slut Tara Reid brought the trainwreck that is her life to Israel the other day. Why? I guess because she hates the Israelis and wants them all to poke out their eyes after having witnessed her in person. God, can you even imagine? You wake up one day thinking you should go to the store for some ingberlach and shakshouka when all of the sudden you see this hot mess walking-i'm sorry-stumbling down the street all "Where did I put my doorbell? Why are those birds talking about paper? Whherrrz my bottle of Goldschlagger? Have you seen it?!?" while carrying around a mannequin she stole from a department store thinking it was a hot guy. And of course the store just let her have it because they didn't speak her language. That language of course being human. I will say that purple dress is cute though. It's probably dripping with jizz, vom and shame but, you know, that's why God invented dry cleaning.


Johnny Cakes said...

I always thought making inappropriate comments about women were, well, inappropriate. Guess that is just how I was raised. But I have to say, in the 'black dress' picture, I actually felt bad for Tara In Babylon. Why? Look at the picture again. She looks like she just got gang-banged and thrown on a corner to catch a bus home. I am not even joking. She needs to hide away, find Jesus, or Tom Cruise, just something to C-H-I-L-L!!!!

julien said...

Do you have a phone number Johnny cakes ?

Mrs. M. said...

I don't blame you-johnny cakes is not like other men. Or women. Or robots. Or aliens. Ok maybe he's like some aliens, but not the little green men. You should go check out his site-tasty cakes from the far out. It's under the "slacker chic hearts these sites" category.

Johnny Cakes said...

I am a cyborg. (And, btw, the 'word verification' Blogger is asking me to type right now is: robots--I am not kidding.) Koo koo! Koo koo!

P.S., perhaps Julien did not read my eHarmony rejection yet!

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