Monday, November 17, 2008

This is Definetely Going to Last

In case you haven't heard, former Dawson's Creek star Joshua Jackson currently stars in one of the hottest new dramas of the decade, "Fringe". The sci-fi stellar boasts an amazing cast, brilliant writers, and fascinating story lines that pull you in and don't let go. Fellow Creek castmember James Van Der Beek also has his own new show in the works, and it sounds amazing and genius to say the least. JVDB will star in Fox's new sitcome Eva Adams as a "self-centred and sexist sports agent who gets a healthy dose of comeuppance when a witch’s spell turns him into a woman. Now, he must deal with the same kind of shabby treatment he used to dole out." Wow! What a concept! He's a man, but he's going to play a woman! I've never seen anything like this before. Especially not in movies like "Juwanna Man" or "To Wong Foo" or "White Chicks" or "Norbit" or "Sorority Boys" or "Hairspray" or any Tyler Perry movie or "All the Queen's Men" or "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" or "Ed Wood" or "Missus Doubtfire" or "Just One of the Girls" or any Eddie Izzard comedy special or "Some Like it Hot" or "The Birdcage" or "Victor/Victoria" or "The Crying Game" or "Bad Education". Definetely not like any of those at all. Not even a little.
And btw, I used a picture of PuPaul because 1.) Rupaul would not be pleased with this madness and 2.) I could not stand to look at JVDB's whiney face. It makes puppies cry.


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