Friday, November 7, 2008

This is Why the Rest of the World Thinks We're Stupid

Guess who's thinking of running for office? Val Kilmer! That's right-the dude who played Jim Morrison in "The Doors" movie. Now, now, let's not judge. Surely he has some experience, right? A degree higher than that of high school attendant? He read a book about state assembly? At least tell me he saw the movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington".
"There’s sort of a rumor around that I’m maybe thinking about running to be governor of New Mexico? Well, it’s sort of true. It’s been my home 25 years. I really love my state. Poor, hardworking, decent people - Native Americans, carpenters, artists, expats mixed in with hundreds of the world’s smartest physicists at Los Alamos. I’ve always thought of myself as functioning as a candidate for them.
The media interests me and it’s influenced politicians since the ’60s, and I’m approaching this as a worthy serious endeavor. I would be very comfortable in my position as a representative for the people.
“After I wrap this film, I’m off to LA to see my kids then home to New Mexico to talk to friends and see what they say. I know I’m not yet qualified for the job. It’s not like I need fame. If that’s what it’s all about, I wouldn’t live in New Mexico. But I don’t want to be a train wreck. I have to see if people will put up the money for my run. I have to think about putting my acting on hold. Being famous as a movie actor is one thing, but they take no prisoners in politics. I have to think what this might do to my kids.
“Or to anybody. I plan to sit down with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Like I had dinner with Jane Fonda years ago and said even though I’m against war and didn’t vote for Bush, I would support anyone who becomes president because I couldn’t let any single person ruin my definition of America. She never invited me back. That’s a bitch because I really liked her.”

Hey, I like watching planes take off but that doesn't exactly make me qualified to fly an 747 or anything. Unless Val is going to take a bunch of LSD and talk to naked indian chiefs in the desert while finding his power animal, I am not down with this. Not one bit.


mama maria said...

I live in New Mexico........He'd never win an election here. At least I hope not.
He has always given me the impression that he is a little eccentric and emotionally unstable, but that's just my view!

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