Monday, November 3, 2008

Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter in Vogue

The greatest couple in the world, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter brought their unadulterated goth fabness to the latest issue of Vogue magazine, creating an editorial unlike any other. Sure we have seen stars wearing quirky dresses and tiny top hats in the middle of a beautiful field before, but no one can pull it off quite like Tim and Helena. Their style is so genuine and amazing that I'm pretty sure these are probably the clothes they showed up to the shoot in. If they dress that great, can you even imagine what their house must look like? It's probably filled with as much creative genius as his movies. Oh how I wish that "Being John Malkovich" was real, because I would totally find out how I could crawl around inside Tim Burton's head and see what kind of glorious wackiness goes on in there on a typical day.



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