Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What the Eff is this Bitch Wearing?

Someone please tell me what the fuck Katie Holmes is wearing. Seriously, this is not a joke. It's an honest question that I would really appreciate the answer to. Shit looks like the love child between a Little House on the Prairie chicken feeding dress, and Eddie Vedder's worn out flannel that he ties around his ass to disguise the gaping whole in his Wranglers. I cannot believe anyone has the cojones to claim that this bitch is a fashion icon. Marlene Dietrich is a fashion icon. Elizabeth Taylor is a fashion icon. Katie Holmes is a fashion misfit (and I do not mean that in a good way). If I buy a used pair of panties from the thrift store for $600, they are still disgusting used panties. The fact that I paid $600 only makes me an idiot with a really expensive pair of used panties. Somehow I think this analogy is lost is Mrs. Holmes. Or as I like to call her, prisoner number 649.


Johnny Cakes said...

Ha! Well, it was only a matter of time before she told Tom the Space Alien that she would not accept his religion. Now look what you did, you idiot!! Hang on. Why is the kid dressed better than momsie? Weird.

Ok. I need helps from you ladies. Seeing as how I may be the only straight man that visits this blog, I want to get some suggestions. A gal pal of mine fell on some rough financial times, and I am gonna buy her some bras. (Ok, don't ask.) She is a blonde, fit, and 34DD. Any REAL recommendations would be appreciated!

Mrs. M. said...

Well I promise you that you aren't the only straight guy that reads this, but are the only one with enough balls to comment.
Anyway I would suggest VS, but Madam Miaow will kill me. So instead I'll say Maidenform for comfort, Love Fifi for style. They (LF) have great deals and lots of wicked cute things.

ChicChickory said...

Speaking from experience, Lilyette, Olga, and Bali are all excellent brands for the "DD's". Comfortable, yet still sexy which is hard to find for the more voluptuous sized breast.

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