Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When Was She on the Bottom?

The latest cover of OK Magazine features a flawless looking Reese Witherspoon with the blazing headline "Reese Witherspoon: Back on Top!" Um, when wasn't she on the top? Was it during her multi-million dollar paychecks for Legally Blonde? Was it during her Oscar win? Her directorial debut for "Penelope"? Please point me to the moment in time when Reese Witherspoon was less than exemplary and/or had a falling out of some sort in her career. I would really like to know because I must have been unconcious or in some sort of hibernation I wasn't aware of. Sure she went through a divorce, but that was ages ago. She's been dating Donnie Darko for what feels like a million years, so what's with the headlines? Was it really that slow a newsweek for OK?
In other news, OK Magazine spelled Ashlee Simpson's name wrong on the cover. I bet you didn't notice and probably don't care. Don't feel bad. I don't give a shit either.


Johnny Cakes said...

Was she ever on the bottom? Go ask Ryan P. That seems like a personal question.

Mrs. M. said...

I was going to say she wasn't, but I think she probably was. Rohypnol Ryan probably put her to sleep faster than Ben Stein reading a kosher cookbook, so it's only convenient she stay on the bottom.

Johnny Cakes said...

I concur.

ChicChickory said...

I must have missed Reese's downfall due to being pre-occupied with my own issues in life....My bad!

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