Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why Pushing Daisies is the Best Show You're Not Watching

In case you didn't know this, Pushing Daisies is the greatest and most unique show on television. Unfortunatly, it is currently in grave danger of being canceled. Never have I worked so hard to emplore that people watch a t.v. show for fear that it will be ripped off the air for yet another reality show about a has been trying to find STD free snatch. And I'm not alone on this. Pushing Daisies fans are quite possibly the most devoted of all t.v. viewers. Like me they are pushing for everyone to see this magnificent, brilliant, clever and witty show. IO9 has written a brilliant article on why Pushing Daisies is so incredibly amazing. Here's an excerpt:
"It's The Most Visually Distinctive Show On Network Television.
In an era where a shaky camera and muted palette is what passes for visual aesthetic on most television shows, it's both a surprise and relief to see a show that pays so much attention to how it looks. Pushing Daisies' colorful style - show creator Bryan Fuller clearly working out his Star Trek retro-color fetish early - gives the show its own, Amelie-influenced, hightened reality that's timeless - look at the way the show tends to avoid contemporary props in favor of more classic vehicles and clothing - and smart; characters and themes are color-coded, and clues to that week's mystery are often hidden in what you can see from the start.
And yet, despite all these things, the show is collapsing in the ratings - it's continually fourth in its timeslot, even this week, when the other three networks were all showing the same program (Admittedly, it was Obama's informercial, but still). It's not that surprising (How many great shows have disappeared too early because not enough people were watching?), but it is frustrating; Pushing Daisies is funny, confident and entirely individual in a landscape of shows trying too hard to be what they think their audience might want. Given the amount of love for the show in the comments sections of various posts here recently, I'm turning this over to you - What have I missed in trying to explain what makes this show so special... and how do we convince other people to watch?"
Yes IO9-how?!? What about you guys? Are you watching the show? If not, you should be! To read the rest of the article about the best show on television, click
here. And to help SAVE Pushing Daisies, click here. Kristin Chenowirth is praying that you will.


Johnny Cakes said...

Dood, I have been looking for STD-free snatch for years. I am convinced it does not exist. And I think they should change the name of the program to: PUSSY DAISIES. Get it?

deepsyl said...

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