Monday, December 1, 2008

Amanda Palmer's Record Label Says She's too Fat to Promote

Amanda Palmer (from the Dresden Dolls) has been forced to search for a new record label after Roadrunner refused to promote her latest single, video and album. Why? Because she refused to let them remove shots of her “fat” belly from the video for Leeds United and is therefore “uncommercial”. This comes from a metal label where alledgedly “you can count the number of women on the fingers of one hand and most of the people on the label are decidedly chunky hairy dudes”. Amanda’s fans are pissed to say the least by this gross, sexist behaviour and have begun a Rebellyon, posting pictures of their own bellies on fan forum Shadowbox and sending them to Roadrunner in protest. And before you ask, yes, this cover of her album is the "fat" in question. I tripled checked. I think it goes without saying that if you think this chick is fat, you are seriously fucked in th head. I think she has a great body-one that most women would be more than proud to have. And to call this fat just shows how distorted our society's perspective on beauty has become. Girlfriend is skinny. End of story.


Anonymous said...


that just goes to show how shallow and ridiculous the media is today. what is beauty? size zero, and no curves? woe is society.

La C.

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