Friday, December 5, 2008

Barbie's Slutty Cousin, The Bratz Doll, Gets Evicted

Looks like the bratz hos are going to have to start shacking up with Ken, because U.S. District Judge Stephen Larson has ordered that MGA must immediately stop manufacturing Bratz. He has however allowed MGA to wait until the holiday season ends to remove the toys from store shelves. This comes after a jury's finding that Bratz designer Carter Bryant developed the concept for the dolls while working for Mattel. Really?!? I would have figured they would be found guilty of perpatrating the slut. Have you seen those dolls? They look like daytime hookers with a serious cocaine problem and an affinity for shanking a bitch if she looks at her man. I guess Barbie will have to find another dealer. How else is she expected to be a princess, astronaut, ice skater and fashion model all at the same time? A girl's got needs you know.


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