Wednesday, December 24, 2008

But Do They Have This in My Size?

Quite often I will see a celeb wearing something-Burberry Prorsum studded heels for example- and think "Hot damn. I would smack a bitch in the face with a shovel for that jacket/shoes/dress/pants/bracelet/handbag." This is one of those cases. Jodi Marsh, known for being a Slutty McSlutterson and walking around half nekkid in merry ole England, celebrated her barfday yesterday in pure style. The...model?...rang in her 30th last night with a rock n roll themed party. And what says Rock n Roll like pasties and leopard print? Pretty much nothing.
Jodi's girlfriend of course was in attendance, dressed like a cleaner, less contageous Slash. She's pretty much got the whole thing down, minus the herp sores. No Slash costume can be complete without those.
You know, usually I get all shades of pissy about a celeb wearing something I love, because it's so difficult to find the same thing in my size. (That size being horizontally impaired). So imagine my suprise when I come to find out that Jodi Marsh is 5'2, just as I am. Which means that this stunning ensemble could fit me like a glove. A gross glove tossed aside at the peep show-but a glove nonetheless. Of course I do not have mammouth size bagumbas, but I'm almost positive they sell that regular people sizes. That being said, I do not know how my closet has managed all these years without this magnificent outfit. This is definetely one of those versatile things that you can throw on in a pinch for practically any occasion. Weddings, funerals, grocery store, luncheon, gardening, it's the only outfit you'll ever need. In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is the new little black dress.


Madam Miaow said...

Poor Jodie and Pammy. Great gals but they can't even afford a frock between them. That sub-prime market bust must have penetrated places we can't even imagine.

Perhaps you should organise a whip-round for our underdressed sisters.

(Still reeling from the fact that you guys even heard of Jodie.)

ChicChickory said...

Bitch stole my Christmas mass ensemble!!! Damn her!

Aliers said...

Hey! I'm 5'2 also! That means we can both fit into that ... outfit :)

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