Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Decrepite Pebble Upset Over Sentencing

Kid Rock (aka Decrepit Pebble) is whining and complaining again. This time over the fact that a GA judge will not allow the rocker to serve his community service overseas, performing for some troops in Iraq. The whole ordeal began far, far away, in a magical land they call The Waffle House. Decrepit Pebble got into some sort of scuffle with a dude I can only assume had a mullett and 3 teeth, which resulted in an arrest. Pebble knew he was in for some serious trouble, so he organized a homeless-shelter fundraiser at said Waffle House, raising $20,000 in orde to get on the judge's good side. Well, it seems as if it was all for naught, because the judge rejected Pebble's pleas to do community service overseas performing for the troops.
Perhaps the judge did not consider this much of a punishment, considering that Pebble has gone to entertain troops in Iraq on his own several times before. Obviously he doesn't hate it too much, or else he probably wouldn't have done it of his own volition. Normally I would say throw the book at him, but I have a hard time coming down on people who go over to entertain our troops. Although I must say they do always go to Iraq and visit the camp cupcakes of the country. In other words, you don't often see them visiting the troops who get into the grit and have only one phone if that for their base. I must give credit though to Kathy Griffin, who is one of the only celebs to visit the soldiers in Afghanistan. Toby Keith also made his way into the remote mountains, visiting my husband's unit while he was deployed with zero security, zero ego and only one other guitar player. I hate Toby Keith's music and I definetely don't agree with most of his values, but I will always respect the fact that he tried to bring a little sunshine to some soldiers that had been deployed and removed so long, that they could actually appreciate Toby Keith music.


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