Saturday, December 27, 2008

Donatella Versace Caught a Case of Anorexia

You know how when something is so bad, so terrible, so disgusting that you can't even think of words to describe how utterly attrocious it is? Well that is definetely what is going on right here. Donatella Versace looks worse than awful. In fact, I'm pretty sure she died a few years ago and never got the memo. How else can you explain her corpse strolling the beaches of St. Bart's? She looks like Leatherface on vacay. It's not cute. And if ever there was an effective non-smoking ad, this would be it. I guarantee you if these pics were posted around your city, smokers everywhere would be tossing their ciggies and running home hurridly to scrub their eyes with Brillo pads and bleach.
In all seriousness, what I really think is sad about these pictures is that Donatella's daughter, Allegra, has been suffering from anorexia for the past few years. The girl is skin and bones and not in good shape at all. How is she supposed to get better if her mother now suffers from the same condition? Even more perplexing is why after all these years in the fashion industry, is Donatella just now getting all skeletal? The only thing I find comical about this whole scene is Donatella's fake inflatables. It's like honey, small breasts were not your problem. In fact, they were pretty much the last thing on the list you should have worried about.


Anonymous said...

I sooo wish I was good at Photoshopping. I definatly would superimpose a skelleton over Donatelle. It just looks like one is needed!

Anonymous said...

Wow! She looks awful! She looks like a skeleton with two large canteloupes. Nightmarish! Did she pay that guy to walk by her side? Now we know how her daughter's problem originated. It's sad how Gianni left his empire to Donatella and his daughter after his tragic murder. They are basically killing themselves while Gianni's life was stolen from him. What a waste!

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