Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Cate Blanchett is just so...beautiful. Radient. Magnificent. She's like some sort of mythical creature that makes dreams come true and lives with a bunch of unicorns and talking fairies and shit. She's like Queen of All that is Glorious. If that makes any sense. Not only is she ridiculously beautiful, but she's a class act as well. In fact, I'm pretty sure Cate can do no wrong. Of course she would tell you otherwise, because she is all humble about her greatness. When complemented I;m sure she blushes and replies with something like "Oh no! I am far from perfect! In fact, sometimes I throw my clothes on the floor and do not wash them right away!" or some other miniscule detail that she honestly thinks takes away from her greatness and makes her more like you and I.
In addition to being gorgeous and classy, Ms. Blanchett is smart as a whip. I bet you she could not only get into Harvard, but she could teach there as well. Psht, for all we know she invented Harvard. She's probably 5,000 years old and has already discovered the fountain of youth and is working on a cure for all the other ailments of the world. She probably tools away on her formulas dressed in diamonds in her secret underground layer while moonlighting as a modern day Wonder Woman, saving innocent victims from the criminals of the world. And in her down time she probably enjoys old movies and buttered popcorn. Anyway, here's our Aussie goddess at her motherland's premiere of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".


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