Friday, December 12, 2008

For God's Sake Woman, Put Some Damn Clothes On!

Why am I surprised every time Pamela Anderson steps out in public wearing less than I wear in the shower? Is it possible to be nakeder than naked? Cause if so, that's what she's apparently made her career out of.
The...actress?...strutted her...stuff?...last night working(?) as a magicians assistant once again for Hans Klok’s “The Million Affair 2008 beurs Amsterdam.” I don't actually have any kind of proof of this statement, but I'm pretty sure this right here is the reason why Klok is gay. Not that being gay is a choice, but if it was, I'm sure this would make hundreds of men search incessantly for four leaf clovers, rabbit's feet and falling stars in order to better their chances at turning over a gay leaf. Because this is just not pretty.
I'm not saying that Pam Anderson has a bad body, I'm just saying I'm sick of seeing it. The way she wears things is just offensive to my vision. I mean, look at that spandex bathing suit. What is that? She's got reverse camel toe happening! You have to really try for that too. I've never seen it just happen on it's own.
And what is with that makeup? Heavy with the eyeliner much? I know you want to be seen from the audience, but enough is enough. That whole atrocity really makes me long for the pure, natural face of Christina Aguilera.


Trendology said...

omg, that outfit is out of control

-also what spread is your banner from? I love that picture so much!

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