Friday, December 19, 2008

Gaeil Garcia Becomes a Father, Gets Married

Holy crap! I knew Gael Garcia Bernal was a pretty private person, but this is crainess! The actor apparently married his on again/off again girlfriend, Dolores Fonzi a few days ago, and became a father last Monday. Fonzi gave birth in Spain rather than the couples motherland, Mexico, because they wanted the kid to have dual citizenship. No word yet on the son's name, but I'm sure he'll probably graduate college before they release it.
Gael’s father, José Angel García, expressed his excitement by saying “My son is pleased and I as a grandfather am most happy because he chose a woman like Dolores to be his wife and the mother of his."
Added Fonzi "I totally got his ass now!!" Ok she didn't really say that, but you know she was thinking it.


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