Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Get Ready for I Love Money 2

Just days after announcing the latest crop of reality hos hoping for a shot at herpes with Bret Michaels, some of the cast of VH1's newest spin off of a spin off, I Love Money 2 has been announced. Beginning yesterday, VH1 promised to reveal a few new cast members each day. Problem is, at least two of them already competed in last season's I Love Money. The Entertainer and Heat will both be returning for their shot at $250,000 along with I Love New York, Flavor of Love and Rock of Love rejects Tailor Made, Frenchy, Saaphyri, Buckwild, and Leilene. I know-they truely got the creme de la creme. I'm personally amazed that they were able to get time off from their jobs at Nasa and the DOD to shoot the show. And when I say NASA and the DOD, I of course mean the strip club and Arby's.
If you care (and I know you secretly do), you can catch the premiere of I Love Money 2 January 26th at 9 pm. I know you're already marking your calendars.


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