Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hillary Duff in January's Maxim

Hmm...I am totally undecided as to what I think about Hillary Duff's January spread for Maxim magazine. Here's the thing: I think Mz. Duff is gorgeous, has a great body, a beautiful voice, and is just all around a super-classy broad. However! Sexy? I'm just not sure. She's got all the goods, but there is just something missing in the mixture. It might be because she's maintained her good girl image for so long that it's hard to think of her as anything but a cute cousin. Yet I totally respect her for the way she's crafted her career and remained a positive influence for her younger fans. I think being a "good girl" is a virtue that not many other stars can cop to, and she should be proud of her image. But how to evolve into a woman when most see you as a girl? What is a Duff to do? Seriously-I'm asking. What do you think is the missing ingredient in the Hillary Duff sexy sandwich? Or do you think anything's missing at all?


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