Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Will Kick Nicky Hilton's Ass for that Dress

Please excuse me. I am having a total fashion orgasm right now over that delicious silver dress fugorexic Nicky Hilton is sporting. The less obnoxious Hilton sister (not that that is saying much) is currently in Melbourne with her more contangious half to promote canned champagne or ammoxicillan or who the hell knows what. Do you really care? I know I don't. The only thing I do care about is where Nicky got that dress and how I can make it apart of my life. I would go everywhere in that thing. The dentist, the post office, church, day care, the shower, anywhere. In fact, I don't think I would ever take it off. I would wear it until it eroded off my body. Not only would it go fabulously with my ever present pink wig, but it would make me feel like Michelle Pfieffer in Scarface. I would want to go disco dancing at Studio 54 and fall face first into a pile of pixie sticks before shouting the eloquently spoken phrase made famous by Brittles, "Eat it, Snort it, Lick it, Fuck it!!!" Sure my love affair with the dress would probably come to a tragic end-me on the streets of NYC begging someone to take my picture and drunkinly telling people "I usssed to be famoussss you know. Me and Mary Kate Olsen were like thiiiiiiiiiisssss." Only to be met with disappointing glances and having change thrown at me for a busride home. But it would be worth it, all for the love of the disco dress.


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