Monday, December 15, 2008

I Wonder Where They Rent Movies

Hot damn! Talk about shameless self promotion! All those poor children want to do is eat, and here comes Netflix with the promise of bread crumbs if the kids do their obligatory poses with Anne Hathaway so she can get some good press and appear as if she gives a shat when really she's just wondering how many washes it will take to get the poor person smell off her sweater and if she'd just be better off throwing it away and buying a new one.
That being said, I love Netflix. They are the best thing to happen since the IPod and Red Bull and ouchless hair bands that don't rip your hair out and give you hella split ends. With Netflix, my lazy ass doesn't have to drive to the post office or the video rental place where I am forced to interact with people who consider Eddie Murphy movies classics. Instead all I have to do is walk to my mailbox and put the little red flag up and in one business day, I have foreign french films delivered right to my door. So stick that in your ass, Blockbusters down the street that requires a blood sample and my first born.


ChicChickory said...

So you recommend Net Flix? I should check it out and get rid of some of my cable. Do they have tv/cable series too? Such as Entourage, my absolute fav!? :)

Mrs. M. said...

Yes they do! I have the three movies at a time plan for about $19/month. You can have three at a time, but you can rent as many as you want in the month plus you get unlimited instant viewing. When my husband deploys I go crazy for the series-like Carnivale & Weeds. When he leaves (in a couple of weeks), I'm totally going to get Big Love.
I know I sound like a commercial, but I really think NF is almost the best thing ever. They even have all the old silent movies and crap you'd think no one has.

ChicChickory said...

Hmm, well, I think I will check it out then. Sounds like a better deal than paying for cable....although I do love my Style Channel and SciFi. I am fanatic about Big Love as well. Can't wait for the new season to come out in January.

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