Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Would Slap a Bitch

Good thing Alanis Morissette is all zen and shit-otherwise those paps would have been met with a right hook immediately follwed by a left jab to eye. While peacefully walking through LAX yesterday, Alanis was accosted by some slut from TMZ who thought it appropriate to ask her what she thought of Scarlett Johansson's cd and if she listens to her music. Why bother asking such a question? Of course she bought ScarJo's album! She's probably burned a hole in her IPod from listening to it on repeat so often. I bet she even splurged for the delux edition with bonus track and pictures.
On the real, these paps better be glad I'm not her, because I would currently be sitting in jail on assault and battery charges. What the hell kind of person asks someone about their ex-fiance's new wife? Rude! Didn't their mother teach them any manners? I bet they even eat with their elbows on the table like a bunch of uncivilized sea monkeys. Not that sea monkeys can eat on a table, but if they did, I bet you 10 to 1 they would put their elbows all up on it. They just seem like the type.


lacouturiernyc said...

people can be so rude these days.

La C.

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