Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm Panicing-Won't You Join Me?

If you have Time Warner Cable, I invite you to join me in a total freak out. Beginning at 12:01 tonight, TW subscribers will lose all Viacom channels which include Comedy Central; CMT: Pure Country; Logo; Palladia; MTV; MTV 2; MTV Hits; MTV Jams; MTV Tr3s; Nickelodeon; Noggin; Nick 2; Nicktoons; Spike; The N; TV Land; Vh1; Vh1 Classic; and Vh1 Soul. Basically what went down was Viacom was all "We want more money." and TW was all "No fucking way. We don't want to increase our customer's premium." so Viacom was all "Well, we'll pull your shit then" and TW was all like "Go ahead. We ain't paying shit." I called TW up to ask if they were going to decrease the premium because we'd be losing 20 channels, to which the lovely lady whom I'm sure is hating life right now said yes, and that customers would also receive a refund for services lost. She also said this happened before with the sports packages and the stand off lasted two days ending in victory for TW. Now I could deal with no MTV, but no Palladia, VH1 Classics and most importantly, no VH1?!? What the hell?!? How will I live if living is without VH1? I am a smart cookie, but I needs me some brainless television. From Rock of Love Charm School Reunion to Bob Dylan documentaries, I basically live on a diet of VH1 and the History channel. If they don't come to some sort of resolution, I will be having the shakes and some serious withdrawls. Let us all hope and pray that this gets resolved. For the love of Bret Michaels.


Anonymous said...

I've read Viacom's press statement about their plans to pull the MTV/Nickelodeon/Comedy Central networks from the air if Time Warner Cable does not meet their demands for increased fees/revenue. Viacom's sense of corporate responsibility, trying to lay the blame on Time Warner Cable, is shameful and atrocious. They've stated that they expect cable customers to find TWC's resistance to your demands "outrageous." No, it is Viacom that I find outrageous. CHARGE THE ADVERTISERS MORE, not the viewer. The consumers and viewers of Viacom's shows are not commodities with whom they can trade on the value of their company. We should not be the ones who add value to Viacom's bottom line. Too bad if their sales margins are declining. I for one would rather loose their networks forever than have to pay a higher cable bill. If Viacom can't agree to TWC's terms... I say good riddance.

Mrs. M. said...

Anonymous, I agree 100% that Viacom should be charging their advertisers-NOT TW and their customers-more for their services. Obviously they are increasing their asking price because the value of those channels have gone up, right? Well if that is the case, wouldn't it make sense to charge the advertisers more, seeing as how they would be placing their products on largely viewed stations? Not to mention the fact that TW says they are trying to charge TRIPLE for these stations. I mean, inflation over time is understandable. After all, nothing stays the same price forever. But triple?!? Viacom be trippin.

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