Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Just a Little Arm Hair!

Beyonce Last Name Not Needed showed up to her Cadillac Records premiere last night with hairy armpits. Commence stone throwing! Honestly I don't know what the big deal about this is. Adrien Brody showed up looking like Jesus on holiday and no one gave him any crap. I mean damn! A girl can't show up to her own premiere with hairy pits without the whole world having a complete coniption fit. As much time as this girl spends making sure her clothes, body and weave are tight, and people can't give her some slack because she didn't shave. Maybe she didn't have time-did anyone think of that? Or perhaps she just didn't feel like having naked pits. She could have woken up and said "Fuck it. I'm Beyonce Last Name Not Needed and I don't have to shave if I don't want to." I surely know that sometimes I don't shave my arm pits. But you know what? I'm still smart, I'm still hot, and I still dress fly as hell. And anyone that doesn't like my hairy pits can kindly stick it up their ass. And I'm almost positive Beyonce feels the same. If not, she can go cry into a pile of money.


ChicChickory said...

I find it hilarious that she bothered to glitter up her arm, but not take care of those curly-Q's.

Emily said...

YIKES!!! Wait, I thought celebs were hairless? If you make that much money wouldn't you get that shit removed by a lazer or electrolisis or something?


The Dark Bohemiian said...

lool ,
u seem to be a great fan of her
I was addict to bee few years ago ... aah that time lool

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