Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's a Nice Day for a Green Wedding

And we thought this day would never come. After over 20 years together, Woody Harrelson finally married his longtime partner Laura Louie on Sunday in their motherland of Maui. The couple have three daughters, Makani Ravello, 2, Zoe Giordano, 12 and Denni Montana, 15.
In all fairness, I am sure these two planned on getting married a long time ago, they just forgot. They probably were all "shit. Wasn't there something we were supposed to do today? Ah well. Couldn't have been that important. Would you mind passing me the bong and the Fritos babe?" Meanwhile their family and friends are checking their watches and tapping their toes at the Little Love Rock chapel, swearing this was the last goddamn time they show up for one of their weddings.
Anyway, congrats to the happy couple! I hope they received lots of lovely goodies, like hemp oil, wheatgrass, and a trashload of Phish cds.
And in other news, I am hella jealous. These two are living the dream life! Have you ever seen their Maui pad? It's remote and gorgeous and I could live their for the rest of my days with my husbands and dogs and be happy as a fucking clam. They drink rum out of coconuts, stroll their own private beach, and make organic fruit smoothies while staring out a mammoth bay window. Talk about peaceful. Anyway, I better stop talking about it before I just pack up all my shit and move to Hawaii with five pennies and a dream.


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