Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jay Mohr Takes Wife's Last Name

During the last couple of days, everybody and their momma has been talking about the fact that Jay Mohr is seeking to legally add his wife, actress Nikki Cox's last name to his own, making him Jay Cox Mohr. Now, if you're wondering who these two twats are, he's famous for being a notorious joke thief, while she's known for having freakishly unatural big ass lips. The couple married back in 2006, with Nikki traditionally taking Jay's last name. However I guess Jay is now looking for a way to futher prove his commitment to Nikki by filing a petition to add her surname to his. Personally I think he only did it for publicity, because if he hadn't would we really be talking about Jay Mohr right now? We most certainly would not.
That being said, why shouldn't the husband take the wife's surname? They do it in many cultures, so what's the big deal? I actually think it's a great gesture of dedication on both spouses parts. Come to think of it, why don't we do that in American culture? Does anyone know? It seems to make a lot of sense.


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