Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jenny Aniston Says She Was Drunk and Digitally Altered on GQ Mag

Jennifer Aniston stopped by to chat with the cackling hens of The View, and opened her trapper keeper about her recent editorial with GQ magazine in which she appears nekkid surrounded by a bunch of mens. When asked how America's favorite Friend ended up nude on the floor with a bunch o dudes, Jenny replied that the people at GQ got her hammered and totally took advantage of her.
Babs: Are you trying to project a somewhat different image?
Jenny: [referring to GQ] Let’s put this [magazine] down. This had a whole concept. There was going to be different stages of undress… me in a gown, and then men in a tuxedo and all of a sudden I would be wearing the man’s shirt. In the next shot he’d have no shirt and then, they were supposed to get naked. I don’t know what happened.
Joy: Were you drinking or smoking?

Jenny: They got me bombed. It was a Danny Devito moment.
First of all, I have GOT to know if Joy was implying whether or not GQ got Jenny high. I mean, I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time a mag did that, but who would cop to it on national television? Secondly, why go blaming all that on someone else? It just seems so lame. You're a grown ass woman for God's sake-not a 17 year old girl. You can't really use the "they got me drunk and took advantage of me" excuse anymore. You just have to say "Yeah. I'm naked. Don't I look hot?" and move on with shit.
Anyway, here's Jenny's interview with Babs and her posse

Part 1

Part 2


Emily said...

She disgusts me. She has an excuse for everything.

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