Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jesse James' Ex-Wife Gets 6 Months in the Slammer

Porn star and Jesse James' ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder has been sentenced to six months in federal prison on tax evasion charges. She pled guilty in August to not paying nearly $300,000 in taxes she owed the US government on her earnings. This amount was accumulated over six years (2000-2006)-in which she paid not one red cent in taxes. She was sentenced on Monday to six months in federal prison and must report by March 10 to serve her term. She will also have to pay back all the money she owes to the government and once she’s released from prison she’ll have to spend up to six more months at a “federally operated residential community corrections center.”
Janine has one daughter, Sunny-almost five- with J.J. The two split when she was seven months pregnant, with some reports claiming that James left Lindemulder for Bullock. However, I'm going to say he left her because she was a straight up crazy psycho bitch. My husband watches Monster Garage all the time, right. Well one time there was a special edition showing the marriage of Jesse and Janine and that bitch was straight up off her fucking rocker. All she could talk about were the times she got the cops called on them, or the time she was arrested for fighting JJ or the time she beat his ass with Colonel Mustard's candlestick in the dining hall. That chick had a glimmer in her eye and that glimmer was the light of the crazy.
Perhaps knowing his ex is batshit was the reason James filed court papers last year seeking 50% custody of Sunny, alleging that Janine was abusing the girl based on circumstantial evidence. Sunny was said to have cried out in her sleep “don’t touch me” and to have had minor scratches and bruises that she blamed on “mommy’s chair.”
Now that Sunny’s mom has to spend six months in prison and up to six more months in another facility, chances are James and not-batshit crazy wife Sandra Bullock will get at least temporary custody of the girl. Bullock is a step mother to James’ two other children from his first marriage, Jesse James, Jr., 8, and Chandler James, 10. They live nearby with their mother, Karla. Bullock has previously said of James’ children that she sees them as no different from biological children: “I have children, amazing children. My love and my hopes for their future and their happiness, for their homework to be done and for them to know how smart and beautiful they are is no less than if they were my own biological children.” I bet she's the best stepmom ever.


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