Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jessica Alba's Campari '09 Calendar

The good people at Campari must have forked out a hefty paycheck in order to convince Jessica Alba to pose for their 2009 Calendar. After all, I can't imagine she's so hard up for cash that she has to do Italian liquor ads in order to make rent. Don't get me wrong, these are great, colorful, vibrant shots, but a huge star like Alba doing a calendar for a brand seems out of sorts. Perhaps Campari has some dirt on her that we don't know about. Maybe she's a dude! Oh wouldn't that be great? First the raging heteros learn about their hero Frank Martin, then they find out Jessica Alba is a dude. They would totally lose their shit! Pictures of Ronald Reagan and footballs would be flying off the shelves faster than you could say "Girlfriend, please."


ChicChickory said...

There's a tad bit of "photo-shopping" on the waist-line in these pics, but she looks fantastic. Kudos to her on keeping the mommy breasts while losing the baby bump left-overs.

Daners Isadora a.k.a Busty St. Clair said...

I agree these pics are sort of awesome.

en-vee said...

I actually kinda like her and her bitchyness & those pictures are awesome..i think its the vibrant colors

The Space Cowboy said...

I dont really find J Alba attractive in movies. Her acting is terrible, but she does a good photoshoot now and then

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