Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kanye West Taking Hiatus In Music for Fashion Internship

It is well known that Kanye West is a big, big fan of fashion. In fact, the rapper can often be seen sitting front row at some of the hottest shows, chatting up the likes of the world's top designers. And while Kanye has been planning the launch of his own label, Pastelle, for a while now, he is intent on getting legitimate respect from major fashion houses first.
This has been understandibly difficult considering the scores of musicians (Avril Lavigne, Nelly, Ashlee Simpson, etc.) that pound out shitty labels with zero fashion experience. But Kanye is out to prove that he's in it for the love of art-not the love of money. And to do so he's applied for several internships with various fashion houses in London. “I’m going to go and take an internship and just do something that’s like completely normal, and just rap at the weekends or something.” says Kanye. Despite applying across a host of countries, he is believed to be particularly fond of moving to the UK. A source said: “He’s applying at Louis Vuitton, Raf Simons and others. Everyone is surprised at just how seriously Kanye is taking his fashion dream. He absolutely loves London and wants to absorb the fashion over here.” Belgian designer Raf Simons confirmed Kanye had approached him about an internship, but admitted he was unsure whether to take him on. “I was blown away from the planet when he told me. I know he’s very serious about this — I don’t take it as a joke. But how can I imagine him being my intern? It’s a very extreme situation.”
Personally I would love to see him do it. I think we're all sick of all these dumbass musicians churning out a bunch of crappy Hot Topic-esque t-shirts and calling it fashion. If I've said it once, I've said it a trillion times-fashion is an art form that should be respected. It's a highly skilled craft. Designers don't go to school, spending thousands of dollars on their degrees for nothing. For some bobbleheaded bitch like Katy Perry and the like to come out and call themselves designers is basically spitting in Alexander McQueen's face or shitting in his cherios. It's just not cool. I personally think a Kanye West label would be interresting, but with people like Tara Reid , Chris Angel and Pete Wentz creating clothing lines, I can see where the fashion world would be hesitant to accept Kanye as one of their own.


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