Friday, December 19, 2008

Kate Bosworth is an Explosion of Fug

Kate Bosworth must have a serious case of bullemia in the brains, because there is no way in helly hell that a normal, sane, nourished individual would ever, ever walk out in public looking like this. Unless of course that person lives in a trailer, uses Bud Light cans as a wind chime, and looks for the silouhette of the Virgin Mary in their Pork Rinds. This outfit is so disgusting that it makes Rihanna's pant/boots combo look like a ensemble of refined elegance worth of Lady Di.
I mean, where do I begin? With the KMart bottom bin cheetah top from the 1983 Kathy Ireland Collection? The acid washed jeans ripped from Angela Bauer's closet? Or the red buckled elf boots that Michael Jackson most likely has three pairs of? Seriously, my eyes don't know where to divert themselves. There's no safe place.

You know, with all the money these celebs have, you'd think they'd dress a little nicer or hire a stylist. Or at least just stay at home out of the public eye. It's enough we have to watch your bad movies. Don't make us witness your bad fashion too.


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