Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Katy Perry Appologizes to Lily Allen, Talks Smack About Britney

I hope you know that even typing the name Katy Perry puts me in a blinded rage, causing me to pound on my keyboard like an angry sailor at sea. Nevertheless, I come bearing news, so I will just have to try my best to get over how infuritated KP makes me. Anyho, KatY appologized for the rude comment she made about Lily Allen, telling US Weekly "Yeah, I made a joke about [that] earlier this year. I was just kind of joking and trying to be funny. I didn't mean anything by it. Comedians are not necessarily to be taken super seriously." Do you hear that?!? Bitch thinks she a fucking comedian! She's about as much of a comedian as Tila Tequila is an author. I'm sure Richard Pryor is turning in his grave at this very moment.
And speaking of inflated egos and self-importance, the wannabe Zooey Deschanel says she doesn't want to collaborate with Britney Spears. She wouldn't be the girl I would collaborate with necessarily," Perry said Saturday at KIIS-FM’s Jingle Ball concert outside of L.A. "She's not on the top of my list. There are other people I'd much rather work with first. I love John Legend's record. So how about I collaborate with him? I work with people I love. I only work with them if I love them. If we click, we click, but if we clash, we clash...So I’d have to see. I'd have to meet [Spears]." Are you listening to this shit? "She only works with people she loves". I surely hope she loves the good people at Burger King, because that is surely where her future lies-especially if she keeps pulling this "I only work with people who meet my set of standards" crap. How a dumb ho who pretends she kisses girls when she in fact, never has, and doesn't have an ounce of originality in her brittle bones can have the gall to reject an icon like Britney Spears is beyond me. She can only hope to be in the game 1/4th as long as Brit! Pretty soon she'll be begging to work with Rockwell for quarters at the local mall. Trust.
And if you're wondering why the picture of Britney, it's because I can't stand to look at katY's face.


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