Thursday, December 4, 2008

Keri Russell in December's Details Magazine

Damn, we haven't heard from Keri Russell in a hot minute! The actress has been staying busy though, filming the upcoming movie "Bedtime Stories" co-staring Adam Sandler. You know, I really like this broad. She does her movies and some press for them, but she's miraculously never in the rags, so you get a bunch of time to miss her. It's not as if she's all up in your face in Us and OK every single week, so when you see or hear from her, it's kind of a pleasant suprise. Plus you haven't heard her go on and on about the same stories for the last twelve interviews in a row, so when she has something to say, you probably take the time to listen. Sure she looks a little Kate Moss heroin chic in these pics from December's Details, but if you can appreciate dark beauty, then I think you'll find them pretty interresting.



Johnny Cakes said...

I know why we haven't heard from Keri Russell in a long time. It is because she's been studying diet from known foodie Lara Flynn Boyle. And that intro picture? Holy gag-reflex! She looks like an SS trooper's courtesan.

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