Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kim Kardashian 2009 Calendar

Unsure of what to get the enemy in your life for Christmas? Try picking up the 2009 Kim Kardashian calendar! No one's favorite big assed ho has just released her latest calendar featuring never before seen dead eyed photos of her staring into the abyss thinking about whatever brainless, self absorbed nitwits think about. I'm pretty sure they just think about themselves, but they probably also have riveting thoughts about the devestation in Dafur and free trade as well.
Or, if you can't think of anyone you loathe enough to get this calendar for, try getting one for yourself. You can just draw a little red bullsye on her face each moth of the year, and try honing your dart skills. With a lot of practice, you can take your act on the road and swindle money out of unsuspecting bar patrons. Then, and only then, will Kim Kardashian have done something useful in the world.


Emily said...

OMG Kim... those really are dreadful photos.
I do love that show though, lol. It is so hilarious!

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