Monday, December 1, 2008

Mary Kate Olsen: Pregnant with Fetus or Pregnant with Skittle?

There is no doubt that Mary Kate Olsen has gained a couple of pounds over the last few months. The weight gained has thrilled close friends of the actress who previously suffered from and was treated for an eating disorder. In fact, the National Equirer claims that Daisy Buchanan's weight has "shot up" to 102 pounds. Madness! She is practically deathly obese! However some sources have been claiming that Mary Kate didn't just eat a half a bag of Skittles, but that she is indeed pregnant with boyfriend Nate Lowman's baby. "Mary-Kate really took Heath's words to heart. She wanted the same kind of fulfilment in her life that Heath found in his after becoming a dad. She is really happy with Nate and is very excited they will soon be starting their family together." I am going to have to call this one total bollucks. A girl can't even eat a spoonful of non-fat yogurt before the rags start calling her fat and bloated in the baby maker. In fact, the rags have also been claiming that Queen Ashley is also pregnant with a child that would surely rival the holiness of Shiloh and the Messiah twins.
And can you even imagine Daisy Buchanan pregnant? She would not be able to stand! She would simply topple over from an imbalance in her equilibrium. Yes I know that doesn't make sense but it sounds good and you know what I mean so just go with me. The poor baby would come out weighing more than she does. And that can't be good. Not good at all.


ChicChickory said...

From the looks of those bruised knees, it's possible she's been boosting her protein intake. Just a theory.

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