Saturday, December 27, 2008

May You All Have One of These Days

It's rainy and cloudy here in New York, and I am still in my PJs. It's definetely one of those days to laze around in bed and watch movies you've already seen on FX. When I came across this photo of Eva Mendes in January's Paris Match Magazine, it totally echoed the sentiment and feeling of today. I hope you all have a lovely lazy day watching movies and playing the bongos. Although, if you are going to play the bongos, I suggest that you do it with clothes on. We do not want a naked bongo playing incident ala Matthew McConaughey-hey-hey.


Fashion Addict said...

Oh I hope I have one of those kinds of days soon! Not that I haven't been having enough fun already... Wishing you a happy new year!!!

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