Thursday, December 4, 2008

Megan Hauserman and Her Mentally Handicapped Dog Get Their Own Reality Show

Whose looking for love? You? Well, look further because you certainly aren't going to find it here. America's favorite dead eyed reality ho is back and looking for a sugar daddy! Megan Hauserman, known from shows like "Beauty and the Geek", "Rock of Love", "I Love Money" and "Charm School", is on the hunt for the perfect sucker to make her his trophy wife. If you have a net worth of over a million dollars, and want to see it all lost in an inevitable divorce in a couple years, you are encouraged to email VH1 for your chance at (not)love! In other words, if you want a semi-hot chick to spend all your money and not have sex with you, Megan is your girl!


Johnny Cakes said...

Who is this fuck-stick?

On a related note, I just gave my toe-nail clippings their own reality show.

en-vee said...

ugh..vh1 & mtv should just combined and be RTV instead....i miss the good old days of pop up video and behind the music and just MUSIC ALL TOGETHER!

Johnny Cakes said...

Word, en-vee. I agree. I mean, because MTV and VH-1 have completely banned video altogether, is the reason (one reason, at least) that I think everyone under the age of 21 listens to completely, unadulterated crap. No taste. Noooooooo taste!!

Mrs. M. said...

Pop Up Video! I loved that SFM. The VH1 classics channel is admittedly cool. They are always playing awesome docs on Dylan, Hendrix, Joplin, etc or rockras like "Tommy"
"I climb the mountain, I get excitement at your feet..."

Anonymous said...

u are all stupid bitchs for hateing on her haha u wish it was that easy for you lol. suckkkers.

Anonymous said...

i love meagan even though she is kind of a stupid hoe and her show is gonna be hella funny!

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