Friday, December 5, 2008

Miss America Sounds Like an Effing Racist to Me

Oh hell to the no! Miss America 1999, Nicole Johnson, recently chosen as one of five judges for the 2009 Miss America Pageant, is coming under heavy fire for some bunk ass shit she spewed shortly after her reign as Miss Arrrrica. It all started when Johnson responded to a caller's comments about a ban on interracial dating at Bob Jones University by saying of interracial dating, "I wouldn't smile upon that."T he next caller, a black Republican, revisited the Bob Jones theme saying that, "In the black community, we know that we don't like interracial dating." Miss Johnson, smiled and nodded before responding, "Those are very good comments, and I agree with you on all avenues." The caller then asked if she was saying she didn't agree with the jungle fever which led Johnson to respond by saying? "Well, I personally wouldn't interracially date. But that doesn't mean that I would frown upon someone else, because I think that we all... we live in a country of freedom. And we all have the freedom to choose whatever we want to follow in our lives and we have to respect that in each other. But, umm, I wouldn't smile upon that in my life or the life of individuals in my family." You know what I wouldn't smile upon in my family? Someone dating a racist dumb ho who thinks puting hemroid cream on her ass to look hot in a bathing suit for a beauty pageant is A-OK, but dating a black dude isn't. I can't even comprehend her thought process on this subject. All I can come up with is that she's an uneducated bitch who came from an uneducated family. And what is with people wanting to keep their race all "pure" and shit? You're not a full bred Beagle bitch (you're not near as smart or likeable). Don't these people know that we're all mixed? I hate to burst your little hate bubble Ms. Johnson, but you're not all whatever you think you are.
Oh, and she will be replaced as a judge for M.A. Trust that.
P.S. Tell me that bitch doesn't look like Delta Burke.
see the video here (at 10:16 the interracial stuff starts...)


nv said...

I really don't understand the whole mess about "interacial" dating. It should just be called dating. What does it matter if your child becomes half white and half-something-else, personally I think "halfers" are some of the best looking people... idk idk people are ignorant, I hope her children fall in love with a non-caucasian person and rub their grandchildren in her face haha.

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