Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Favorite Boring Ass Couple Goes Berserk!

Ambien Abbie Cornish Game Hen and Rohypnol Ryan Phillipe were out last night in Sydney Australia, trying to enjoy a lovely evening out at dinner, discussing the latest editions in their mint coin collection and the rubber band ball they have been working on for ages when all of the sudden, the paps come out of the woodwork and began snapping away. Surely the bright flashing from the bulbs startled the deer in the headlights couple, who have not seen something that hypnotic and crazy since they watched that 20/20 special on club kids, causing Rohypnol to lose his shit.
He lunged at the paps, politely asking them to halt their picture taking by yelling "We're tired and I'm drunk!: most likely immediately followed by "Good chap, I know you can understand the manner in which I am approaching you. I have had an ever so long night, and would greatly appreciate your cooperation in letting us pass and make our way to the hotel without skirmish or incident. We would simply like to curl up on our separate double beds, and mull over an advanced crosswords puzzle while listening to our Sooth Sounds of the Sea Vol. 3 c.d."
This evidently did not work, and police were called to settle the situation, which ended in Ambien and Rohypnol departing into the night, shaken (not stirred) from all the hoopla. They haven't seen this much excitement since that rousing lecture on molecular bio structure and how it impacts the pharmaceutical industry both at home and abroad. Thrilling!


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