Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nicole Richie is a Beach Babe, We Are the Frozen Tundra

While you are getting sloshed on screwdrivers tonight in an attempt to forget that you are freezing your ass off in the December cold, Nicole Richie will be sipping mimosas in the Hawaii heat, lounging lazily around in a prarie dress as the cool breeze brushes her hair. Bitch! No, I'm just kidding. I harbor no ill will towards the Richie. I think she is an absolute dollface who has made good on her promises to turn her life around. When she got knocked up with Joel Madden's spawn, she told Diane Sawyer that she was a reformed lady and that only time will prove her sincerity. And sure enough, I think it did. When she's not on the red carpet, the paps are snapping her at the park with daughter Harlow or taking a walk with Harlow, or getting some coffee with Harlow. Joel Madden has definetely excorcised the metaphorical demons and brought in the holy. She's even dropped her sickly skinny look, and now appears to be happy, healthy and fit. I love nothing more than to see a good reform story, and have nothing but respect for people that turn their lives around-celebrity or not. And it's because of this that I can't be mad at La Richie. Although I can lust after her beach attire. Tres cute.


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