Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Paula Abdul Hasn't Slept at Home Since Death of Stalker

Paula Abdul says she hasn't slept at home since her stalker, Paula Goodspeed, comitted suicide on her premisis three weeks ago. "I've been staying in different homes and hotels, and I have security with me," she tells People. "It was very tragic and very upsetting to hear," Abdul says of the death of Goodspeed, a fan who auditioned for American Idol's fifth season. "She had tried to do this before, and it was just heartbreaking ... It was in the middle of Hollywood week, and it happened while I was actually working at the Kodak Theatre, and it was devastating to hear."
Paula has been trying to stay busy filming the latest installment of American Idol, which she says is a welcome distraction. She says the work, "gives me diversion. I always feel like if I can divert my brain to something else then I'll be okay. That's why I like to multitask." She is also thankful to others for their help during the ordeal. "I have my family, and I have my good friends who've completely opened their hearts and their doors to me, which is great."
Paula says she is so shaken by the incident that she has to move. "I am in the process of looking for another place to reside."
Regarding details of Goodspeed's obsession, Abdul has been told not to talk about it, given the ongoing police investigation. "I'd love to tell you so much more," she says, "but I'm holding my tongue."


ChicChickory said...

Way to make it all about you, Paula. Unless the poor girl offed herself in your designer sheets, get over it, and quit being a Attention Whore.

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