Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pete Doherty Has a New Documentary

Here's a small clip from a new MTV documentary on resident crazypants, Pete Doherty. "Pete Doherty in 24 Hours" is the result of an MTV film crew turning up at his country home and asking if they could spend the next day with him. Much to their surprise he said yes and welcomed MTV into his home with an old fashioned cup of tea. Yes, tea! Not crack or heroin or cut up laundry detergent, but tea!
The documentary promises to be a captivating, revealing and compulsive one hour special which marks the first time in over two years that the Babyshambles front man has participated in a television project.
Pete happily takes MTV on an exclusive tour of his quaint country manor house where he can be seen hoovering the floors, and finding more and more cats who have taken over much of the house. He also exclusively reveals his notorious gallery of blood paintings that have been the subject of much media fascination.
Pete also talks candidly about his personal life-including his relationship with Kate Moss- and responds to the endless tabloid headlines that have haunted him including the allegation of him injecting an unconscious fan with heroin. He also reveals that his son has moved into the area and how that’s affected his life.
Pete Doherty In 24 Hours airs on Sunday 25th January at 10pm on MTV ONE


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