Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Pushing Daisies" and "Mad Men" Named Shows of the Year

USA Today has come out with it's list of the top 10 shows of the year, with "Mad Men" taking top honors. The show, set in the early 1960's, is centered on Don Draper and his co-horts at top ad agency "Sterling Cooper". The show has not only been praised by critics, but is a hit with viewers as well. In addition it recently received an Emmy for best drama of the year-an honor which has never gone to a cable television series.
Also snagging one of the top spots is the greatest show to ever be on television in the history of the world, "Pushing Daisies". Despite the fact that critics have raved about the wondermousness of the show, it failed to find a solid audience, and was tragically (yes, tragically) cancelled a few weeks ago. I only take comfort in the fact that it's memories will live on in both my heart and my PS3 for all eternity.
The remaining shows to rank in the top ten were HBO's The Wire and True Blood, Lost, Pushing Daisies, The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Dexter and Breaking Bad.
If you have yet to see Fringe (this decade's answer to the X-Files only more awesome and brought to you by the creator of Lost and Transformers), I implore you to do so. It kicks ass. What puzzles me though is the infinite amount of compliments and viewers The Big Bang Theory gets. I don't think that show is anything special or that funny, yet it rakes in a ridiculous 11 million viewers every week. Who are these people watching this show?!? I'm convinced it's only stayed on because of one fan's persistance and knowledge of hacking into the FCC mainframe. Sort of like that Alf episode where he rigged the network so that his favorite show (and no one else's) Polka Jamboree appeared to be the number one show in the country. I can't imagine The Big Bang Theory actually gets that many viewers on it's own merit. Or maybe I'm just giving people way too much credit. After all, Two and a Half Men gets 15 million viewers. So I suppose anything is possible.


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