Monday, December 8, 2008

Rock of Love: Free Clinic

Get your amoxicillin ready, because it's almost time for the premiere of Bret Michael's latest search for herpes-I mean love-with Rock of Love Bus. Yes, I know what you're thinking. That is a very creative title. But that's what they pay the execs big money for.
Below are this year's stale crop of hos looking for fame-I mean love-with washed up rock star Bret. Actually, I'm fairly convinced that most are the same girls who were already on the show. Same shit, different smell.

This chick will either win, or get 2nd place. Because she is Heather 2.0



Kristi Joe?

So uninterresting I don't have anything to say

It's good to see Shauna Sand getting work

Thought she was in line for "The Bachelor"

No one told her Bret does not date Asians

Or black girls

Or chicks with dark hair

Or narcoleptic girls that look legally dead

But he will date porn stars


Giant Daisy?

She doesn't even know who the hell Bret Michaels is

She'll be the too "sweet and emotionally unavailable because her ex boyfriend broke her heart" girl

Kath from NBC's "Kath and Kim"?


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