Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Say Something Nice

So...James McAvoy and wifey Anne-Marie Duff attended the British Independent Film Awards last night and uh...well...his wife has two legs. And um...she has a torso which is great. And...arms. Which are always helpful for carrying stuff. Oh! And of course she has two eyes, the better to see Dreamy Dreamy McAvoy with. Other than that, I am out. That dress brings me to tears and those fishnets with it? They make me want to throw bricks at the wall. Helen Mirren dresses more youthful and flirty than this broad. She's only 38 for pete's sake but she's dressing like a before scene in one of those "I'm single now and I'm going to show my ex-husband what he's missing out on" movies. He looks way hot though. As always. I still wonder how she managed to rope in a hot piece of 29 year old ass like the McAvoy. Her vagina must shoot out rainbows and pots of gold.


nv said...

this is like my third comment today and its 3 am, shows I have a life. Anyways...his wife is 38?!?! WHAT THE HELL? He could do better...as in me. hahaha

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