Monday, December 29, 2008

Someone Say Something

What is....why would...when did...see, I can't even properly form a sentence to begin asking questions about the origins of this attire. It's that bad of an abomination. You know fashion has gone completely off the rail when you aren't sure whether or not what people are wearing is a joke, or a legitimate fashion choice that they decided upon before they left the house. I mean, on one hand, I think there is no way in hell anyone could look in the mirror and think "Yes. I look hot. This is precisely what I was going for. Other people will look at me and be so envious that they do not own these rags." On the other hand, everything on Miley Cyrus and company is sold at American Apparel and can be seen on virutally every hipster that was born after the 1980's. So it's a toss up. However, despite the fact that all these twats (save for Miley's mom) were born after the 80's, there's still no excuse for the bad fash. After all, they do all own televisions and I'm sure they've seen reruns of Who's the Boss and Growing Pains. There's no reason for Miley and company to be looking like Jem's arch enemy Pizzazz and the Misfits and her boyfriend like he just cartwheeled straight out of Fame.

And in case you're feeling nostalgiac-they just don't make them like this anymore.


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