Friday, December 5, 2008

Spike's Top Ten Songs to Do the Dirty Business To

I love lists. I love sex. Therefore it would be a logical equation to deduct that I love lists about sex. (You see how good at math I am?) Spike TV has come out with a list of the top 10 songs to do it to, and I suppose it's fair and balanced, but there is one song conspicuously missing: NIN's "Closer". That is hands down the sexiest song ever! Anyway, here's what the peeps at Spike came up with:
10.) "Wildcat" - Ratatat
9.) "Battery" - Metallica
8.) "Why Don't We Do It in the Road" - The Beatles
7.) "Everything in its Right Place by "- Radiohead
6.) "Bump n' Grind" - R. Kelly
5.) "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" - Daft Punk
4.) "Between the Sheets" - The Isley Brothers
3.) “Wicked Game” - Chris Isaak
2.) "Sexual Healing" - Marvin Gaye
1.) "Sex Machine" - James Brown
No offense, but I could never seriously get in on to Bump N' Grind. Talk about cheesy!!! And just in case you care (I'm sure you don't, but what the hell) here are my picks:
Slacker Chic's Mo Betta List in No Particular Order Because I am Lazy
NIN - "Closer"
The Killer - "Midnight Show"
Peaches & Ton Loc "Wild Thing"
Godsmack - "Moon Baby"
Deftones "MX"
Pink & Peaches "Oh My God"
Orgy "Blue Monday"
Britney Spears "A Little Bit of Oh"
KMFDM "Sucks"
Primus "Is It Luck?"
Korn "Twisted Transitor"
N.E.R.D. "She Wants to Move"
Panic at the Disco "Lying is the Most Fun"
Peaches "AA XXX", "Hot Rod" and "Downtown"
System of a Down "Shimmy", "Pictures" and "Sugar"
Romeo Void "Never Say Never"
Is there anything you would add to the list?


ChicChickory said...

Okay...whole-heartedly agree with the NiN's shout-out, but where's the Enigma's Principles of Lust?!? For the trippy, New Age, naughty Catholic school girl sexcapades. Throw in some Prodigy too.

Frankly, I lost my cherry to Batman's theme song,and that little diddy still gets me going.

Johnny Cakes said...

Who are you ladies having sex with...Adam Levine? I mean, these songs make me want to shoot myself in the head--twice.

Jump in the sac with a true gangsta' beotches! Suck on this list:

Stick It In, Pull It Out, Del Santiso & the Motion (a disco classic);
Theme to the Antiques Roadshow;
We Are Family, Sister Sledge
Stickin' It In, Pullin' It Out (All Over Again), Del Santiso & the Motion (a disco classic x 2);
Sippin' Baby Batter, Big Daddy Cumbuckets
Until We Say Goodbye, Joe Satriani
Send In The Clowns, Judy Collins
Do You Want To Stick It In (Me Baby)?, Del Santiso
Lady, Styx (but a recorded version of me singing it)

Akeelers said...

"Someone dating a racist dumb ho who thinks puting hemroid cream on her ass to look hot in a bathing suit for a beauty pageant is A-OK, but dating a black dude isn't."

She put Elmer's glue on her ass to prevent wedgies, too. Her ass is an arts and crafts store. Hee!

Mrs. M. said...

Hmm...nice choices Johnny Cakes. But I'm having a hard time picking which I like better-Send in the Clows or Sippin' Baby Batter. I think I might go with the clows.

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