Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tom Cruise is a Bad Father

Who needs adopted kids when you have your own biological children? Evidently not Tom Cruise, who failed to attend his son Connor's first movie premiere. Connor, whom he adopted while married to Nicole Kidman, stars in the upcoming movie "Seven Pounds" along side Tom's good friend Will Smith. Instead of going to show his support and pride, Tom skipped the premiere in favor of promoting his own new movie, Valkyrie. A source is quoted on MSNBC's website as saying: "It comes as such a surprise. When Connor was filming 'Seven Pounds' Tom was so excited and proud of him...It's sad Tom didn't fly out for the evening. He could have missed one night of publicity to support Connor and Will."
First of all, not to be mean, but can I get a show of hands from people who think Will Smith didn't pull his weight in getting Connor that role? Anyone? No one? I didn't think so. Even still, it's pretty freaking jacked that a father can't attend his son's first movie premiere-especially when that son is under the age of 18. I mean, who's looking out for this kid? Certainly not Nicole Kidman who has said in the past that since her kids have been abducted by aliens (The Scientologists), they want nothing to do with her Catholic heathen ass. I would be mad as hell if I were his son, though. As if his own father couldn't take an evening out of his life to support him. I bet you that kid is going to come out with one hell of a Joan Crawford Mommie Dearest style memoire one day. That is, unless he's "silenced" by the aliens first. Dun-dun-DUH!


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