Sunday, December 7, 2008

What is the Meaning of This?

So...Pamela showed up in this little confection of disaster at an Art Basel event in Miami the other night. To be fair, Pamela is wearing a shirt, so I can kind of see where she figured this would be appropriate attire. After all, nothing says elegant and artistic like your ass cheeks hanging out of your knickers. Don't get me wrong, I am all for dressing avante garde. In fact, I highly encourage it. However there is dressing for fun, and dressing for majah attention, and this is definetely the latter. Besides, I'm pretty sure Pam Anderson not wearing pants is some sort of healt hazard deemed harmful to the public by OSHA.
And what is with her crawling on the table at the gallery? This isn't a White Snake video, bitch.


Anners Scribonia said...

I am ashamed to say that I like Pamela Anderson and don't mind when she does horrendous shiz like this.

ChicChickory said...

If I had that bod, I don't think I'd ever get dressed.

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